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How It Works

Our SaaP model allows Nomads to list their gigs first on our marketplace. Each gig is defined by its scope of work, time of delivery, price, and other details. Buyers can search and browse these gigs to find the exact service they are looking for in our large service catalog.

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    Serch for what you're looking for either by posting a project and comparing received offers or by searching for the right talent in minutes.

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    Browse the Nomads portfolio, previous work, price, delivery time and ratings.

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    Buy the gig instantly in the same manner you buy a physical items online. The payment won't be released until you approve it after receiving your work.

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    Review your purchased service after delivery and leave a rating.

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Building the Digital Nomads Ecosystem

Digital Nomads are a community of self-employed freelancers who have chosen to live a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle that allows them to travel and work from anywhere in the world. According to our findings, 4.8 million independent freelancers describe themselves as digital nomads, with another 17 million aspiring to someday become nomadic in the future.